Types of parrots: description, photos, lifestyle.

Types of parrots: description, photos, lifestyle.

This section lists the names of the species of parrots, clicking on the name will open detailed information about the selected bird. Each review contains several photographs, a description of the bird’s appearance, its weight, size, lifestyle in nature, as well as recommendations for keeping in captivity. In addition, some of the reviews contain videos with winged in nature and at home..

How many species of parrots are there in the world? The order parrots (Latin Psittaciformes) are divided into

two families: parrots (Latin Psittacidae) and cockatoo (Cacatuidae). There are other classifications that distinguish separately the family of Loriaceae and Nesterovs. In total, all families have about 350 different species.

A characteristic feature of the birds of the order Psittaciformes are: a curved beak, reminiscent of the beak of a bird of prey, and four toes on each foot (two directed forward, two backward). Nature has endowed most of the winged of this species with bright and juicy plumage. But in size they are not at all similar to each other – the size of the smallest representatives is only 8 centimeters, and the largest is one meter..

We hope that this section will help you find out what types of parrots exist. First, a few interesting facts about them:

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