Eyes wide shut.

Eyes wide shut.

I would like to start with a pretentious address: “Stop comparing Eclipse Cross with Aztec”. But, having said this, I, of course, twist my soul. Because every time I approached Mitsubishi from the side or from behind, I remembered Pontiac. And, if I had not been the only one among all my acquaintances who had not watched the series “Breaking Bad”, I would certainly have joked about Walter White.

In general, the headquarters of the “three diamonds” should hate the creator of the series, Vince Galligan: if he had not decided to put Walter behind the wheel of Aztec, no one would have remembered about this freak. How many ugly and unsuccessful models have been in the history of the American automobile industry? Every second, if you look impartially.

Another thing is that Aztec was chosen for the role of White’s machine, as the embodiment of failure embodied in metal – the ideal machine of a loser. Ugly, uncomfortable, low-quality, devoid, it would seem, of any advantages. And the Eclipse Cross is definitely not like that. Because it has pluses.

To begin with, he’s cute. You quickly get used to the curvy silhouette, and the Dynamic Shield-style muzzle, for my taste, is the most attractive in the entire Mitsubishi range..

The interior is a breakthrough for the Tokyo company. It looks good, smells good, in some places it is even pleasant to the touch, but, most importantly, it is devoid of seemingly obligatory for Mitsubishi ergonomic punctures. Eclipse Cross is like house slippers: put it on and forget it. You can, of course, complain about the lack of adjustment of the lumbar support for the seat and the center armrest in length, but this is Mitsubishi with their eternal economy, what did you expect?

And the automatic mode only in the driver’s window is no longer surprising.

Consider no trunk by crossover standards. The floor is high, the depth is shallow, the curtain is low, instead of an extensive “basement” like the Eclipse Cross in other markets, our car only has a spare wheel underground, and the sloped fifth door complicates the transportation of bulky goods. The ability to move the rear sofa forward by as much as 20 centimeters and the flat floor that forms when its backs are folded partly saves, but I am ready to forgive the Mitsu’s trunk for both the small volume and the modest finish for what is located on its right side: the subwoofer of the Rokford Fostgate audio system.

If you have forgotten, powerful American “music” with a huge “subwoofer” has been a Mitsubishi feature for the last 20 years, at least overseas. The ability to shamelessly tamp the air in the cabin of the crossover and around with high-quality bass invariably brings a smile. Like most American audio systems, Rockford

Fostgate is not so good at reproducing complex instrumental compositions, but it “blunts” superbly. “But nothing in this world I love more than checks, money!” – Cardi B yells so that the girl in the neighboring Mini Cooper choked on a vape.

The trunk is small, but the subwoofer is large.

I think Mitsubishi dealership salespeople also love the big checks that accompany any Eclipse Cross sale. A crossover costs at least 1,890,000 rubles, and an all-wheel drive car in the top-end Ultimate configuration, like ours, costs 2,236,000 rubles. The larger, more powerful Outlander costs the same or less.

It also has relatively affordable versions that Eclipse Cross lacks. Any sold “eclipse” (and this is how Eclipse is translated) promises a solid premium.

Two sunroofs, of which only the front can be opened, is the prerogative of the top Ultimate. Both hatches are equipped with electric shutters.

In addition to an excellent audio system for a rap and trap lover, Mitsubishi justifies its rather large price with a whole scattering of systems previously unseen on compact models of the brand: head-display, all-round cameras, active cruise control, collision avoidance system when reversing, blind spot monitoring and control system observance of rows, a multimedia system with a touchpad – everything is like the big ones. And all this, what is most surprising, works quite adequately. Unless the resolution of the cameras is too low, and the collision avoidance system often panics for no reason.

The touchpad works better than in the Lexus, but I still played with it only on the first day, the rest of the time I pressed on the screen itself – fortunately, Mitsubishi thought of combining the touchpad with the touchscreen.

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