Auto business / Press review.

Auto Business / Press Review.

The service of registering cars with the traffic police through dealers has not become widespread due to the high costs of organizing and certifying it to obtain the appropriate permits, the press service of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD) told RIA Novosti.

“We receive information that the question of compliance of the required conditions from the

dealers and the cost of the service itself remains controversial. To date, as we understand, the service has not become widespread due to the rather high costs of organization and certification to obtain the necessary permits for this, which leads to low margins, and therefore low interest in providing, “- said in the association.

At the same time, ROAD noted that the procedure has been established in many dealer holdings, which allows us to talk about the systematic development of the process.

In Rolfe, RIA Novosti explained that the registration service is not a way of earning money, but a competitive advantage of the company. “The ability to register a car without visiting the traffic police is a convenience for the client, since it allows you to solve all problems with the purchase and preparation of a car for use in one place – in a dealership,” says Yegor Rozhkov, director of customer data and analytics at the company..

The general director of Avtodom, Andrei Olkhovsky, on the contrary, is sure that it is profitable for dealers to issue license plates and register cars, since this is a source of additional income. “There is only one problem for launching the service – the adopted legislative acts are hardly implemented by government agencies. Very useful decisions are made at the legislative level, and local executive bodies are in no hurry to implement them, possibly due to the lack of a proper motivation system. For example, we received several formal refusals when obtaining accreditation to provide this service, although we have all the capabilities and competencies to provide it.

I think other car dealers have faced similar problems, ”he said..

In 2020, dealers were able to register a new car on behalf of the owner with the traffic police. For this, the company must obtain the status of a specialized organization. The cost of the service for registration is 500 rubles, production of numbers – 2,000 rubles.

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